Religion Class Level 3 HomeWork for 02/13/16

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Last week (02/06/16) Lessons covered

  1. Om Chanting and the meaning/significance
  2. Recap of last week’s portions: 5 Elements and 5 daily yagnas/sacrifices as per our scriptures
  3. Good manners: Recap from last week discussion
  4. Ramayana Characters: Names as found in the Ramayana Scrabble (Previous week’s exercise/homework)
  5. Story of Goswami Tulsidas and Story of Valmiki
  6. Vaak Tapas: Discipline in Speech
  7. Introduction of EGO/Ahankara
  8. Conclusion with Om Chanting

EXERCISE (Homework) Complete and bring a print out to the class on 02/13/16

Unscramble the word to complete each sentence.

1. The first step in VĀK-TAPAS is being ETARL _______________________to one’ s speech.

2. Being attentive to one’s speech brings about an alertness in one’s HNIGNKIT    _________________________________ process.

3. When one is alert to one’s thinking process, one can bring about a healthy GACHNE  ______________________________________ in oneself.

4. In the practice of VĀK-TAPAS one deliberately avoids PSOGSI ________________________.

5. Of the three forms of discussion, DVĀA _____________________________ alone is fruitful.

6. VĀK-TAPAS is the practice of speech that is ULRUFTHT __________________________ , kind and meaningful.



1. 1. Build up a good character when you are young!

2. Good manners come out of good character!

3. All good manners start at home.

4. Respect your parents and follow their advice!

5. Be kind and be good to your siblings!

6. Try to entertain good thoughts in your mind so you can be a good person

7. Try to see the good qualities in others and try to incorporate them in your character

8. If you find bad qualities in others, observe them silently and try not to repeat them

9. Respect your teachers, elders and love your companions

10. Learn to play indoor and outdoor games with interest, without quarreling and cheating

11. Be helpful to others as much as you can.

12. Do appreciate when others help you

13. Earn a good name in school. Be regular in attendance and punctuality. Assist your teachers whenever needed.

14. When you meet anyone for the first time in the day, salute him/her with a proper form of address like “Namasthe”, “Hari Om” or “Good Morning”.

15. Do pray everyday! Be grateful for your gifts in life. Count your blessings. Sing bhajans whenever you can!

16. Be cheerful and pleasant, no matter what troubles you may be facing!

17. May God Bless you!


Teacher: Nirmala Ramsubramanian