Patasala New Location

Namaste Parents and Guardians of Patasala Students,

We are pleased to inform you that our Ganesa Patasala will soon be relocating. The anticipated date for the move will either be in June or in September, when we resume Patasala classes after summer break.

The new location is across the temple and above the Staff Quarters. The classrooms are more spacious and will be furnished adequately.

Patasala team has been working diligently in the last few weeks to anticipate and solve any issues arising from the move. The safety and security of our children is our top priority and we have taken adequate measures. Suggestions are always welcome.

As with any move, the temple is incurring additional “one time” expenses. We are reaching out for your support to contribute towards reimbursing the temple. No amount is too small. You may send your contributions via : DONATION or via check made payable to HTSNA or cash to be paid at the Temple counter. .

We thank you in advance for your support.

Patasala team