June 12, 2024



Day: Saturday

Hours: 9:30AM to 10:30AM

Grades: All grades

Bhajan and Šloka classes were started in September 2013, at the start of the 2013-14 academic year. They have become very popular very quickly as the children who attend both, along with Religion class, receive a well rounded Religious education.

Objective: The objective of the Bhajan class is to promote bhakti or devotion in the hearts of young children. This is in line with the objective of this Temple. We achieve this objective by teaching them simple devotional songs on various Deities, which can be mastered quickly. Attending Religion classes, learning Šlokas and bhajans and practicing the same, will help build a strong individual. Our Temple would like to build a good youth group, who can in turn build a better Hindu community

In Bhajan class, students are taught Nãmasankeerthanam, which are short songs that invoke the various nãmãs (names) of the various forms of God. In addition to learning these songs, students also learn the meaning of these names, as well as the stories (if any) behind how these names came to be associated with these forms.

On average, once a month, and also during festivals, the children are given the opportunity and privilege to sing in the Mahã Mandapam as a group. When the children sing the Nãmasankeerthanam while understanding the underlying reason, bhakti or devotion grows in their hearts. This is the main objective of this bhajan class. Singing regularly also develops confidence in them to sing outside of the class environment, which is a desirable life skill.

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