April 17, 2024


Current News

Day: Saturday

Hours: 8:30AM to 9:30AM 

Grades: K to 8

Objective: Our objective is to enable all students to master Math consistent with their level of proficiency and encourage them move on confidently to the next higher level. We accomplish this by providing individualized attention.

In Math, we often find that many students struggle with it and many students excel at it. Very rarely is there a middle ground. Our goal is to challenge those students who excel in the subject. We want them to achieve what they didn’t think was possible. At the same time we also want to help those who are struggling in Math. We plan to achieve both goals by understanding each student’s needs and working with them to take them to the next level.

Our key focus is to provide individualized attention, and to also try and get the parents involved in the development of their children. We have seen that parental involvement is important for the success of a child.

  1. Every student is evaluated at the start of the school year, to identify their comprehension and problem solving skills.
  2. Depending on their maturity and ability to challenge themselves, workbooks are advised. Most of the time, the kids get placed one level higher than their school grade.
  3. Students are strongly advised to spend a minimum of 20-30 minutes attempting Pãtašãla Math work, every day.
  4. Parents are advised to correct the same using the answers at the back of the workbook.
  5. When the student is back at the Pãtašãla Math class the following Saturday, he/she could discuss problems or topic areas where (s)he had difficulty understanding.
  6. Students are also encouraged to bring their school work, class work or homework – wherever they need extra support.
  7. This way, teachers get to evaluate every student’s progress and provide necessary feedback to the parents.
  8. If the student is sincere and completes the workbook ahead of regular schedule, he/she gets to start with the next level workbook.