Instructions for Teachers 2020 – 2021

Step 1) Goto or just and sign in from the top right hand corner
Step 2) If your personal google ID is signed in , please sign off or use an incognito window ( incognito window can be started either by clicking the three vertical dots on the top right hand corner of google chrome or while on chrome press Ctrl + Shift + N together)
Step 3) Sign in as the subject ID for example for computer science. ( Please check with the patasala administrators if you do not have an ID)
Step 4) Goto then click on online classes on the main page
Step 5) Choose the subject and when prompted click allow camera and mic

After logging on, when students join, please allow them to join the class.

* You will be able to remove a student , add a student, mute everyone.

Seeing everyone simultaneously:

* If you want to see all the students together, you can use the following chrome add on

Classwork / Homework etc:

* can be used to upload the classwork, quizes , documents etc
* First goto classroom using the above link and create a classroom, then you can invite students
* Goto people and click invite or click the add student icon next to Students, you can copy the link and send it or type the email and an invite will be sent to the invited email.

See the easy 1 minute videos to get familiar with the classroom