July 13, 2024


Patasala Computer Interest Group (PCIG)

Namaste and welcome to Patasala Computer Interest Group. Recognizing that technological advances are current and the future, Ganesha Patasala has created this facility for technology users to interconnect and share knowledge of computer science trends. This group will be led by experienced Information Technology professionals from various industries. This group is open to all from grade 4 to seniors in high school. Our teachers will create sub groups and offer short courses as per member interest. Use the join us link on this page to join.  

Timing : 3:00 PM to 4:00PM Saturdays

Location: Senior Center

We will have several  courses over the year. Some of the proposed courses include.

  • Arduino Coding
  • Python
  • Scratch Coding
  • Understanding Computer Operating Systems

If you want to see a specific course please write to us or contact our Patasala Administrators. We will work towards introducing that course.

Happy computing

Questions?: Mail patasala@nyganeshtemple.org

Elementary and Middle school

Our youngest members start from 4th grade. We have perfect courses to introduce young members to the world of computing

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Higher Grades

If you are in high school, we will help you with your IT questions. Join us in our discussions on IT careers or programs that teach you to effectively use computers to complete school projects.

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Arduino Programming

Physical and Virtual world come together in this unique program. Create your own traffic lights and self aware robots. Join us for fun filled arduino programming courses.  

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Join Us

This group is open to children fromgrade 4 to seniors in high school. Registration is a must. Use the form to register and join.

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