Current News

Day: Saturday

Hours :10:00 to 10:30

Grades: All grades

Bhajan and Šloka classes were started in September 2013, at the start of the 2013-14 academic year. They have become very popular very quickly as the children who attend both, along with Religion class receive a well rounded Religious education.

Objective: The objective of the Sloka class is to promote bhakti or devotion in the hearts of young children. This is in line with the objective of this Temple. We achieve this objective by teaching them simple yet profound and popular šlokas and mantras on various Deities, which can be mastered quickly. Attending Religion classes, learning Šlokas and bhajans and practicing the same, will help build a strong individual. Our Temple would like to build a good youth group, who can in turn build a better Hindu community

Pãtašãla students spend 30 minutes every Saturday learning šlokas (two or more lines in praise of various Deities). Children learn Šlokas/mantras from various scriptures and practice them in class. They learn šlokas on different deities like Ganeša, Rama, Durga etc. Students are taught their meaning; and the importance of chanting them in their daily life is emphasized almost every week.

On special occasions, like Ganeša Nava Dina Mahotsava, Shivarãtri, Venkateša Bramhotsava, Navarãtri, Rãma Navami, etc., our Temple organizes various homas (fire worship) and japas (repetitive chanting of mantras). Students get to learn and would be given the opportunity and privilege of chanting the moola (main/root) / mãlã (garland of) mantras during the japa sessions of these occasions.

Students are advised to get dressed in special Indian dress while chanting mantras in front of homa or utsava murti. It’s a delight to watch 80-100 kids chant in unison during these special occasions. This also builds enormous self confidence, and pride in belonging to a religion with such a rich heritage.